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Mar 11, 2022  12:03 AM | Mark Wagshul
CONN toolbox errors
Hi. I'm new to using the CONN toolbox, and hoping someone can point us in the right direction. Started out just analyzing 5 subjects, with standard pipeline processing (some pre-processing in fmriprep, followed by outlier detection and normalization in the toolbox). The registrations look fine, and we successfully got to the denoising step, which also looks pretty reasonable (although the decrease in SD from before to after is around a factor of 2, is this reasonable, it seems like a lot).
The problem is that we see everything in the denoising window, except that the image with explained variance for each selected component doesn't show up. Any ideas out there what might be causing this? Just want to make sure this isn't an indication of a problem in the pipeline before proceeding to the 1st level analyses.

Thanks for any advice.

Mark Wagshul
Mar 11, 2022  10:03 PM | Ankeeta Singh
RE: CONN toolbox errors
Hi Mark

I am doing the CONN analysis with the fmriprep preprocessed file and there is no error.
So If you can share the command that you use for the analysis in fmriprep 
or if possible can you send a bids file of yours.
Because it seems that there is something that is related to the import of the fmriprep preprocessed data.