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Mar 28, 2022  05:03 PM | gabriela12
open .dcm file error

I would like to ask about opening .dcm file. When I open .dcm it shows error window: "this does not appear to be valid 2D or 3D image." But some .dcm files (from various sequence) open normally without problems and some not (from the same various sequence).

Thank you for your help.

Mar 30, 2022  12:03 PM | Haoran Li
RE: open .dcm file error
According to your description, the reason why you cannot open some of the .dcm files could be the incomplete or damaged files. Here are personal suggestions:
1.Delete and download these files again.
2.Check your software used for opening .dcm files. New version of the software might be available. You could change a software as well, for me, I use MIMICS RESEARCH.
3.If the files can be opened normally has already met your ues needs, ignore these broken ones. We donot have to read all the files above all.
By the way, I am in the want of more acces to open source of medicial image files especially MRI ones. I'd appreciate it if you could offer me some details.
Best wishes!
Mar 30, 2022  12:03 PM | Christina Roßmanith
RE: open .dcm file error
This is difficult to answer without access to the DICOM file in question. Maybe you could deidentify it and provide a link to it?

Apr 13, 2022  09:04 AM | gabriela12
RE: open .dcm file error
Thank you for your help, but it doesn´t work, so I choose to open files with other software. 
I work in hospital so I have acces to medical images, but I think that some images are open on internet too.