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Apr 26, 2022  02:04 PM | Reza Momenan - CNIRC, NIAAA, NIH
Copying CONN Projects
Hi Alfonso,

I am using the same subjects' data for several projects. I have preprocessed and 1st level analyzed this data using CONN. When I make copies of the original project, CONN indicates that all the processing will be "forgotten", which seems to be the case.. Or at least that is my understanding. So, I have been re-preprocessing, denoising, 1st level analyze... Now I notice that even when I switch the "Primary" fMRI to be "original" (third option in the drop down menu), the image tags (please see the attached picture and file) indicate that CONN used files that were already preprocessed and preprocess them again. I am now very confused. Please:
1) see if you can tell me if that is the case and then how to fix it.
2) Of course as a result if this issue every subject might have multiple of these files. Is there a clever way of deleting these extra files?
3) Better yet, how do I copy projects including the setup, pre-processing, denoising, 1st level analysis. So, that I only use different 2nd covariates and level analysis
Thank you so much for your help.
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