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May 10, 2022  01:05 PM | Nahid Taheri
ROI mapping with own atlas in CAT12
I am trying to obtain volumetric results for GM,WM and CSF in CAT12 using own atlas for ROI atlas mapping. I created the atlas and the related csv file with the headers: ROIid, ROIabbr and ROIname and saved both the csv and the atlas (in NIFTI format) in ...spm12>cat12>templates_MNI152... as it was recommended in the help section of the Batch Editor window.  
In CAT12> segmentation Batch editor, there is an option called 'own atlas maps', I selected my atals here and deselected all other volumetric atlasas. 
After running the program, in Reports> ROI file, I can see the list of IDs, names etc. however the value for VGM, VWM and VCSF for all ROIs is '0'. How can I solve this problem? Thanks