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Jun 1, 2022  06:06 PM | Giorgio Ascoli
Hippocampome updates: cognitive functions, neuron census, and synaptic modeling
The hippocampome team is pleased to announce the release of several new upgrades of this knowledge base of neuron types and properties in the rodent hippocampal formation. 

The release of v1.10 on 08/03/2021 included the Cognome, a literature review and knowledge base of spiking neural circuit and network simulations of the hippocampal formation (Sutton and Ascoli, 2021: Spiking neural networks and hippocampal function: A web-accessible survey of simulations, modeling methods, and underlying theories. Cognitive Systems Research 2021 70:80-92.

The release of v1.11 on 03/01/2022 included a new browsable matrix of neuron type census values for rat and mouse (Attili et al., 2022: Quantification of neuron types in the rodent hippocampal formation by data mining and numerical optimization. European Journal of Neuroscience 2022 55:1724-1741.

The release of v1.12 on 05/05/2022 includes new browsable matrices of synaptic physiology parameter values for combinations of species, sex, age, temperature, and recording modalities (Moradi et al., 2022: Normalized unitary synaptic signaling of the hippocampus and entorhinal cortex predicted by deep learning of experimental recordings. Communications Biology 2022 5(418):1-19.

With these updates now provides a complete set of parameters for spiking neural network simulations. 

For an application example of this capability, see Kopsick et al., 2022: Robust Resting-State Dynamics in a Large-Scale Spiking Neural Network Model of Area CA3 in the Mouse Hippocampus. Cogn. Comput. 1-21.

Stay tuned for v2.0 in the works!

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