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Jul 3, 2022  06:07 AM | harongi
Program runs slow on ios

I'm currently using BrainNet viewer on matlab 2022a on a macbook m1 (ios monterey), and the program is running very slow in this environment.
Matlab itself runs fine, but every time I attempt to modify options for visualization the program seems to freeze so I have to force quit.
I don't get any errors, what may be wrong & what can I do to improve my situation?

Thanks in advance,
Ha Jeong
Feb 8, 2023  03:02 PM | Pablo CASTRO
RE: Program runs slow on ios

I am in a very similar situation as Ha Jeong: I am running BNV on Matlab2022b on a MacBook M1 (OS Monterey) and the program is giga slow. When loading files such as edges, nodes, takes 30-50s just to open the file viewer. Then choosing the file is rapid. Once selected, the Option window opens and no matter what I try to change (Node threshold, Edge threshold, colors...) it starts loading forever. I let it run until, at some point, Matlab crashes. There are hence no error nor warning messages...

That being said, if I don't change anything in the options, BNV actually works pretty well. The main function of the application, the visualization of the brain networks, is clean and somewhat rapid, no problem there.

Best regards,