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Jul 20, 2022  03:07 PM | Nadja Grundinger
ArtRepair Toolbox - GUI incorrect, Matlab error

Is anyone familiar with the ARTRepair Toolbox (Stanford CIBSR / Gabrieli Neuroscience Lab) and can help me?

I downloaded ArtRepair V5b3 for SPM12 to detect and repair volume artifacts (art_global). Unfortunately, the user interface doesn't load completely (picture attached). 
The buttons are missing in the GUI and in Matlab I get the following error message:

Error using legend
Invalid argument. Type 'help legend' for more information.

Error in art_global (line 432)
legend('x mvmt', 'y mvmt', 'z mvmt','pitch','roll','yaw',0);
Error while evaluating UIControl Callback.

Could the problem arise due to the Matlab version (Matlab 2022a)? 

I am grateful for any hint. Maybe someone has already used the toolbox and has a similar problem.
[color=#000000]Thank you very much![/color]


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Jul 20, 2022  06:07 PM | Dmitrii Bezmaternykh
RE: ArtRepair Toolbox - GUI incorrect, Matlab error
Hello, Nadja

You can replase strting 434 "legend('x mvmt', 'y mvmt', 'z mvmt','pitch','roll','yaw',0)" with "legend('x mvmt', 'y mvmt', 'z mvmt','pitch','roll','yaw')" in art_global.m file. So removing the last zero will most likely help. Do the same trick for string 442 and 452.

With best regards, Dmitrii