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Jul 21, 2022  02:07 PM | Mengyunqiu Zhang
[BrainFD]Measuring the Brain Volume with FD: program problem
Has anyone used the tool named BrainFD for measuring structural brain fractal dimension? I have downloaded the codes for a while but still did not figure it out at all.
(the link to BrainFD codes: )
(the DOI of article: 10.3389/fnagi.2021.765185)
Especially the one named '', I can not get what should I suppose to type in the 'sys.argv[1]' - 'sys.argv[5]' areas.
If you heard about it, would you like to give me some advice? thanks a lot!
Jul 25, 2022  10:07 AM | Christina RoƟmanith
[BrainFD]Measuring the BrainVolume with FD: program problem

argv[1] input image
argv[2] path to graphical result file
argv[3] label id of structure to analyse
argv[4] is the name of the csv results file
argv[5] somehow used for file name creation