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Aug 11, 2022  01:08 PM | Chris Rorden
New release of dcm2niix and MRIcroGL
MRIcroGL version 20-July-2022 (v1.2.20220720) is available for download

Linux fonts with bitmap zoom > 1
MRS data types
Updated dcm2niix
The MRIcroGL_linux1804 archive is for older (e.g. Ubuntu 18.04) Linux distributions. Users of modern distributions should us the MRIcroGL_linux archive.
To use the QT5 version, Linux users may need to install libqt5pas1 (e.g. sudo apt install libqt5pas1). If this is not included with your distribution, you can either use the GTK version or install the libqt5pas1 library manually.