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Aug 22, 2022  04:08 PM | Joyce Oerlemans
SPM toolbox normalization clinical data
Hello everyone,

I am using the "SPM toolbox for clinical data" to normalize the MRI's and lesion maps I have created in MRIcron for stroke patients. However, when I run this toolbox I always get the same error:

Error using spm_affreg (line 66)
Source and its weighting image must have same orientation.
In file "C:\Users\joerlema\Desktop\ASO\Doctoraat\Faculty of Psychology\MATLAB\SPM\spm12\toolbox\OldNorm\spm_affreg.m" (v7377), function "spm_affreg" at line 66.
In file "C:\Users\joerlema\Desktop\ASO\Doctoraat\Faculty of Psychology\MATLAB\SPM\spm12\toolbox\OldNorm\spm_normalise.m" (v5745), function "spm_normalise" at line 182.
In file "C:\Users\joerlema\Desktop\ASO\Doctoraat\Faculty of Psychology\MATLAB\SPM\spm12\toolbox\OldNorm\spm_run_normalise.m" (v4873), function "spm_run_normalise" at line 33.

Does somebody know how I can fix this?

Many thanks!