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Sep 29, 2022  04:09 PM | Molly Rowlands
Conjunction analyses on deactivation maps (Neg maps)

I'm using AES-SDM v5.142. 

I'd like to perform a conjunction analysis on 2 meta-analytic maps, but for their deactivation maps; that is, using the negative value maps of each one. (e.g. *_z_p_0.00500_1.000_10_neg_p) instead of the positive activations.

However, I read that I should input *z_p.nii.gz maps for the conjunction analysis, which is only the positive activations, as I understand it. (I only see "neg" maps created after thresholding, e.g. *_z_p_0.00500_1.000_10_neg_p.nii.gz). Is it possible to perform conjunction analyses on the negative maps? 

If it helps clarify: I have two meta-analysis of two separate tasks with contrasts (A>B, C>D respectively). For their individual meta-analyses, I interpret their *_z_p_0.00500_1.000_10_neg maps as B>A, and D>C, respectively, i.e. the opposite contrast. I have a conjunction map of both tasks for A>B and C>D, but I would like to create one for the opposite contrast, B>A and D>C. 

Any help would be appreciated. 

Thank you! 

Nov 8, 2022  10:11 AM | Molly Rowlands
RE: Conjunction analyses on deactivation maps (Neg maps)
Does anyone have any solutions for this? Performing a conjunction analysis on two DEactivation maps?