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Oct 18, 2022  03:10 PM | Giorgio Ascoli
NeuroMorpho.Org v8.3 & v8.4 released October 14-17th, 2022
Dear colleagues,
We're pleased to announce two new releases of NeuroMorpho.Org. Version 8.4 (10/17/22) consisted of the largest individual-dataset release to date, with nearly 42,000 tracings from a single publication by the Siegert lab. Versions 8.3 (10/14/22) added over 16,000 tracings from 67 new datasets and introduced the new functionality of Semi-Automated Metadata Annotation. The database currently tallies 232,029 digital reconstructions of neural morphology, with glia now constituting almost one-third of the content. Please visit the What's new and About pages for details on the growing content and features, check out recent updates to literature coverage and detailed usage statistics, or peruse our newest 90-second video. We are continuously grateful to all data contributors from 922 labs worldwide eager to share their hard-won morphologies with the research community. We apologize if you receive multiple versions of this message through cross-listing, and as always appreciate any and all feedback and comments. Sincerely,
The NeuroMorpho.Org team

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