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Nov 18, 2022  09:11 AM | nyt
Egger test and interpretation of funnel plots
Dear SDM experts,

I am new to SDM and would really appreciate your input on the following questions -

1. how does one go about performing Egger's test on the SDMGUI? Is it equivalent to any of the bias test statistics? Or is another software package required (e.g., metafor in R)?

2. with regards to the interpretation of funnel plots, i noticed that the x and y axis are no longer effect sizes and standard errors, how were the residual and precision values generated in the new version of the funnel plots (i.e., the underlying meaning?)?

Lastly, I am experiencing the issue of getting blank htm pages after mean analysis while running jack-knife analysis for some of the iterations. Has there been any solution to this issue?

Many thanks in advance for your help!