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Nov 28, 2022  01:11 PM | Molly Rowlands
conjunction of neg maps - conjunction analysis of deactivation maps

I'm using AES-SDM v5.142.

I want to perform a conjunction / overlap analysis of the _neg maps (to display shared deactivated regions across two meta-analyses). How can I do this? 

I've tried a variety of methods, but none seem to be ideal. For example, I can select the _neg maps from two analyses for input for the multimodal conjunction analysis, but you can only selected the thresholded _neg maps as there are no _neg maps that are not thresholded. After selecting these thresholded neg maps, I then have to apply yet another threshold for the conjunction analysis - as there doesn't seem to be an option to not apply a threshold here. I've also tried performing a separate analysis where all the maps have their sign flipped (so that the main analysis produces a map of deactivations - matching the _neg maps of the original analysis). Then, you can perform a regular conjunction analysis showing an overlap of all negative values... but this displays regions that are not involved in the individual neg maps - so doesn't seem to be doing what I would like it to.  

Any help would be greatly appreciated as I've been stuck on this for some time. Thank you!