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Dec 2, 2022  02:12 PM | Gustavo Santiago-Reyes - Stanford University
Downloading data to a remote server
Hi everyone! I am trying to download a dataset in this website (rsfMRI/EEG of gut and brain), but the size of the dataset is too large. I was wondering how I can go about using wget in a remote server to download the dataset given that one must be logged into the website to have access to the data.
Dec 2, 2022  08:12 PM | NITRC Moderator
RE: Downloading data to a remote server

I'm sure we can find a way for you to access the data.  Can you point us (more specifically) to the data you are trying to download?

And what is the specific problem you're running into?  Is your browser reporting an error, is NITRC not sending the whole file, or something else?