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Dec 7, 2022  10:12 AM | Fabien Hauw
BrainNet Viewer error loading network resulting from GraphVar analyses
Dear all,
I have some issues visualizing networks through BrainNet Viewer.
I made graph theory analyses using GraphVar, and when looking at Raw Matrix results, I click on NBS, which gives me all the networks, which I want to visualize using BrainNet Viewer.
But once I click on the BrainNet button, I have a lot of error messages and only visualize one node. I don't know if my description is clear enough, as I begin in graph theory.

Here are the messages (appear multiple times, but I only paste it once):

Error using matlab.ui.Figure/set
Axes must be an existing child of figure.

Error in Results_btn_network_Callback>drawGraph (line 471)
Error in Results_btn_network_Callback>mouseOverNetwork (line 635)
Error using matlab.ui.internal.legacyMoveGUI (line 15)
Error while evaluating Figure WindowButtonMotionFcn.

I feel like it's this error for each node, except for one, which is the only one displayed on my brain surface in BrainNet!
I can't figure what's wrong with the toolbox / path, it seems that the whole package is well included in the path!

Thanks for your answer,