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Dec 12, 2022  08:12 PM | pacermakova
method to test all networks while not testing each node
Dear all,
I have performed a detailed analysis of the nodes in the salience network (anterior cingulate cortex, left anterior insula, right anterior insula, left rostral prefrontal cortex, right rostral prefrontal cortex, left supramarginal gyrus and right supramarginal gyrus), specifically their relation to education of parents in one´s childhood and subsequently one´s cognitive ability. I have used p values corrected for false discovery rate.

A reviewer acknowledges that my justification for the inclusion of the salience network is good, however, he/she is asking to test specificity of the results related to the salience network by testing also additional networks (default mode, central executive, visual, motor). Could you advise me about a method how I can reasonable address it while not having to have a too strict threshold for the p value (obviously not by testing every node in each network...)
Many thanks