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Jan 13, 2023  02:01 PM | Horsng Junn
a question regarding Siemens' MP-RAGE "Repetition Time" (TR)
Hi All!

I consistently see <= 10 ms TRs in ADNI dataset, but I also have some MP-RAGE MRIs (that are not from ADNI) that report 2300ms TR.
They are both from Siemens' 3T MRI scanners.

From what I understand it's because TR for MP-RAGE sequence can refer to either: My question is: why are some MRIs reporting 1 and others reporting 2?
Is it presumably because the scanners were configured differently?
Or is it dependent on which model the sequence ran on?
Or am I totally misunderstanding it?

Could some of you more knowledgeable than me chime in?

Horsng Junn