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May 9, 2023  05:05 PM | Greg Wade - Johns Hopkins
Customizing dicom header
Hi Chris,
I'm trying to run mri_reface on a set of data, but I need additional Dicom information to be retained in the header.
I have tried adding my header fields to the tag_blocklist variable in the ADIRnii2dicom script where nii2dicom gets defined. However, when I rerun reface, it still outputs only the standard Dicom header fields. Do I need to change something else to include these headers in the output dicom file? 
Or is there a version of mri_reface that doesn't change the header? I have other anonymization scripts to remove PHI, and am more interested in using mri_reface more so for the removal of facial features from the scans.  

Greg Wade
May 22, 2023  02:05 PM | Greg Wade - Johns Hopkins
RE: Customizing dicom header
Sorry, it seems I was confused. I wasn't loading in the original dicom directory into nii2dicom properly, so it was only writing out the translational variables into the header. 
Now that I'm using the correct information I was able to output the entirety of the dicom header to the refaced image after adjusting the input variables in nii2dicom. 

Thanks anyway, this is an incredibly helpful tool!
Nov 17, 2023  10:11 PM | Christopher Schwarz - Mayo Clinic
RE: Customizing dicom header

Hi Greg, I know this is many months later, but I'm sorry I missed your message. I thought I was subscribed to this forum, but apparently I was only subscribed to the "general discussion" subforum. I'm glad you were able to figure it out! We preserve basically every DICOM tag that we can. The only ones in tag_blocklist are there because we are overwriting them elsewhere or because they would indicate that the image was mosaic or enhanced, when that would no longer be true after this process.