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May 24, 2023  12:05 PM | keren
A question regarding SPM.
Hello, I am new to the field of fMRI research and SPM. I am currently planning an fMRI experiment and I'm unsure about the parameters of spatial resolution versus TR. Does SPM have a standard voxel size? If so, what is the size? I'm debating the spatial resolution, whether it is advantageous to use a resolution of 2.5 or to increase the resolution to 3 and improve the TR. If the standard voxel size in SPM is 1, then there is no advantage to using a voxel size of 2.5 over 3. I hope the question is clear. My dilemma stems from my interest in studying basal ganglia (small structures).Thank you
May 31, 2023  03:05 PM | David Kennedy
RE: A question regarding SPM.

This question may also be asked at the SPM email list,