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Nov 17, 2023  07:11 PM | indi
Undefined function or variable 'Pp0'. cat12 dbm


Trying to run the segmentation module for DBM in cat12, and got the following error message. Not sure how to fix this. I would appreciate your thoughts: 


{Undefined function or variable 'Pp0'.

Error in cat_vol_qa (line 1091)
    varargout{1}.data = Pp0;

Error in cat_run_newcatch (line 204)
    qa = cat_vol_qa('cat12err',struct('write_csv',0,'write_xml',1,'caterrtxt',{caterrtxt},'caterr',caterrstruct,'job',job,'subj',subj));

Error in cat_run>run_job (line 1108)

Error in cat_run (line 647)
varargout{1} = run_job(job);