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Aug 8, 2007  07:08 PM | David Kennedy
Funding Opportunities
We want the community to support a listing of current fMRI and related funding opportunities. Due to the dynamic and community nature of this content, this is perhaps best served as a Wiki; so feel free go to

to see/add/discuss funding opportunities.
Aug 29, 2007  07:08 PM | Zohara Cohen
RE: Funding Opportunities
I noticed that funding opportunities are posted twice: as Community Docs and as part of the Community Wiki. We shouldn't have redundant info or we'll end up with version issues. Right now, two versions of the supplement announcement are posted.
Aug 29, 2007  09:08 PM | NITRC Moderator
RE: Funding Opportunities
Good point, thanks. I've removed the pointers to funding opportunities that were on the NITRC Community documentation page. Funding opportunities may be found on the NITRC Community wiki at
Aug 30, 2007  01:08 PM | Nina Preuss
RE: Funding Opportunities
You'll note that funding opportunities links to the NIH supplementary funding are also located on which is the URL on all NITRC promotional items.
Sep 20, 2007  01:09 PM | David Kennedy
RE: Funding Opportunities
Who keeps the content of the page up to date?
Sep 20, 2007  02:09 PM | Nina Preuss
RE: Funding Opportunities
Content wise, it'll really be you, me and Christian. Programatically, Keith will make the changes to the web content directly. I'd like to be the go between content suggestions and Keith's implementation.