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Jun 4, 2024  06:06 PM | Breanne Kearney
Sliding window analysis in CONN?

Hello- I'm wondering if sliding window analyses are possible using task data in CONN. I do see in the manual this brief description:

 Implementation notes: Sliding window analyses are defined first in the Setup.Conditions tab by selecting 'temporal decomposition (sliding-window)' in the 'time-frequency decomposition' field. This will define a number of new conditions each covering an individual temporal window. Selecting these conditions when running any first-level analysis will compute the individual time-centered connectivity measures as well as the summary dynamic variability measures

I have defined my windows (only 25 sec. due to task, altered BP filter to .04 high-pass) in the Setup.Conditions tab and now have the conditions x time windows as well as condition x temporal average and condition x temporal variability. I am wondering if the temporal variability conditions are what to compare (e.g. between patient and control groups) as measures of dynamic variability in ROI-ROI connectivity as identified here?:

Thank you in advance for your help,