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Jul 2, 2010  04:07 PM | David Kennedy
One of the objectives of this project is to make data accessible across numerous levels of abstraction, from the raw data, to the results of the published report. This is one of the reasons that we've chosen to release the imaging data by the groups of a specific paper (Frazier JA, Hodge SM, Breeze JL, Giuliano AJ, Terry JE, Moore CM, Kennedy DN, Lopez-Larson MP, Caviness VS, Seidman LJ, Zablotsky B, Makris N. Diagnostic and sex effects on limbic volumes in early-onset bipolar disorder and schizophrenia. Schizophr Bull. 2008 ( as opposed to the entire dataset at once. (oh, yes, there are some practical and timing constraints at play as well!).

One resource that is useful for setting linkages between image data and the published literature is the Internet Brain Volume Database (IBVD - which supports the public release of volumetric observations from the published literature.

So, the first image data release of the CANDIShare proejct, HC_procimg_1.0 (see has links into the IBVD in numerous ways.

1. The publication is represented at:
2. The Healthy Control group published demographics and volumes are at:

I will also set a link at the file release location, near the data release, that takes the user to the appropriate IBVD pages.

As the remainder of the data from this publication is released, we will fill in these IBVD linkages.