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Sep 21, 2010  02:09 PM | Torsten Rohlfing - Google LLC
query regarding how to know the number of pas
Hi --

So, to clarify, the "split" tool does not "give" the number of passes. You need to know the number of passes based on your acquisition protocol, or you need to manually determine them based on the visible artifacts.

So to be honest, I am not sure what exactly your question is.

Also, but this is my fault really, you aren't using the split tool quite correctly - the second parameter is not a file name, but a file name pattern in which "%d" is replaced by the respective subimage number. That is, for four passes, you would get four output images, where the name for each of them is generated by replacing "%d" with the number 0, 1, 2, 3, in that order. In the latest SVN codebase I have improved the description of the split command line, so in the next CMTK release this should be more clear.

As a final point for now, in the future please use the CMTK Users Forum on for any questions you have, so other users have access to these discussions.


On 09/21/2010 02:07 PM, Tanmay Nath wrote:
> Sir,
> I am a novice to film application and I was trying to find the number of passes i have in my scan.I read on wiki that there is a split tool in CMTK which can give the number of passes.I am trying the following command to find the number of passes:
> cmtk/cmtk-build/bin/split -f 4 /Volumes/Users/tnath/6516689_0099197_T2_COR.nii.gz test8.nii.gz
> I am viewing my output image(test8.nii.gz in this case) in slicer3.Unfortunately i am not getting the result as expected.I have already tried the above input image with passes as 4 and it had given me good result.But it seems that split is not giving me the desired output.
> I have attached the snapshots for the result which i have got using split tool.
> Kindly tell me where I am doing wrong and oblige
> Thanks
> Regards,
> Tanmay Nath
> Visiting Scholar
> Dept.Of Psychiatry
> University Of Iowa
> Iowa City
> IA

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