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Dec 26, 2010  10:12 AM | Alison Simioni
niak error using FLAG_CORSICA
I receive the following error message when trying to run niak for preprocessing. Any suggestions?
Thanks. - ALison.

??? Undefined function or variable 'flag_corsica'.

Error in ==> niak_pipeline_fmri_preprocess at 375 = ~flag_corsica;

Error in ==> Example_Alison_Controls_Task at 110
pipeline = niak_pipeline_fmri_preprocess(files_in,opt);
Dec 26, 2010  10:12 AM | Pierre Bellec
RE: niak error using FLAG_CORSICA
Dear Alison,

This is a bug indeed. I fixed it already, this will be part of the next release. The bug is in a piece of code I wrote to ensure backward compatibility with older versions of NIAK, and was not tested much. I encourage you to update your script to the NIAK 0.6.4 standards using the new tutorial you will find on the wiki (see MediaWiki on the left). It should be pretty straightforward to do. To get rid of the error message you are getting, the main change is to replace :

opt.flag_corsica = false;

by = true; % skip CORSICA

This setting will skip CORSICA. If you want to apply corsica, you need to enter : = false; % Do not skip CORSICA

Please let me know if you encouter any other issues.

Best regards,