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Feb 25, 2011  01:02 PM | Torsten Rohlfing - Google LLC
registration+warp / disable multi-threading
Hi Dominique -

No, there is no single "one-stop shop" tool for linear plus nonlinear
registration. One could of course write a shell script that incorporates
the two. Any particular reason why you want this?

Multi-threading - set the "CMTK_NUM_THREADS" environment variable to "1"
(or any other number of threads you want) to limit the number of
parallel threads, e.g.,:


should do this on-the-fly in bash/sh. Otherwise, use "export" or
"setenv" (sh vs. csh) to declare the variable persistently in any given


On 02/25/2011 12:50 PM, Dominique Belhachemi wrote:
Hi Torsten,

I looked at the --help output, but couldn't find an answer to the following questions.

Is it possible to call only one cmtk tool to do linear+non-linear
registration instead of using a combination of 'registration' and
'warp'? Can we skip 'registration' if we use 'warp'?

How can I turn off multi-threading? We want to run it on the cluster with 1 core per job.