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Apr 29, 2011  09:04 AM | stephan grimault
fMRIstat tools: stat_threshold question

i use the function stat_threshold(volume of interest,number of voxels in the volume of interest, fwhm, liberty degree) to calculated the size of cluster (in voxels) to performed a cluster analysis: minimum size for p<.05

What i understand with the code is: the result (size of cluster in number of voxels) seem to be calculated with voxels with a size of 1x1x1mm.
Is that right?

thanks in advance
May 2, 2011  01:05 PM | Felix Carbonell
RE: fMRIstat tools: stat_threshold question
Hi Stephan:
Actually, the voxel size is controled by the relationship between search volume and number of voxels. In the help pf stat_threshold you can find several examples, where indeed search volume and number of voxels were choosen in such a way that voxel size = 1x1x1 but you can call this function with any particular parameters.
Regards, Felix.