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May 13, 2011  12:05 PM | Alex R.
extracting gradient directions from DTI set
I am having a little difficulty with the Diffusion Tool in Bioimage Suite. 

In the Diffusion tool, the Tensor Utility tool requires the input of the "set of gradient directions" where the user may chose from a group of preset gradient direction sets; ICO 6, ICO10, ICO15, ICO21, ME 6, ME 24, ME 32 nor VAR 15. My question is, how do I know which gradient direction set is appropriate from a particular DTI data set? Also, where might I locate or extract this information from within the data?
May 15, 2012  02:05 AM | Isabella Radl
RE: extracting gradient directions from DTI set
i had the same problem,
if you have also dicom data you can try the dcm2nii converter from mricron.
This converter generates a text file with the gradient (bvec) and the b-values (bvals)

i still have the probelm , that Bioimagesuite doesn't recognises my gradients -
although i saved the file correctly (like in the Manual).

Maybe someone knows what to do?