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Jul 6, 2011  02:07 AM | Cathy Scanlon
Import question
Hi there,
I recently installed spham-mat and spharm-pdm to analyse my MRI-based segmentations of hippocampus and caudate.
I have processed the tutorial data without any problems so far, but am having a problem when I use my own data.
I created the binary segmentations in ITK-snap and saved the output as a nifti image. Spharm-mat successfully imports the image to .mat but won't let me visualise using DisplayObjs, the error saying "??? Out of Memory". The .mat is 102KB while the tutorial data is 1KB. I converted it to a 8bit int before importing but it didnt like that either.
I am using the windows version of Spharm-mat with the matlab compiler.
I would appreciate any advice,
Jan 23, 2012  06:01 PM | Li Shen - University of Pennsylvania
RE: Import question
Hi Cathy,
I feel that your binary images might be too big. You may want to down-sample your binary objects and see (1) if that solves the problem and (2) if the down-sampled objects still look good enough.
You can use "Exercise 2.2: SPHARM-PDM Topology Fix" to achieve this goal:
Basically, if you look at the figure "Screen Shot for SPHARM-PDM Topology Fix", you will find an edit box "space" and its default value is "0.75,0.75,0.75". This option defines the resample resolution. You can change it to "2 2 2", "4 4 4" or other numbers (>1) to down-sample the original images.
Hope this helps.
Sep 24, 2012  06:09 AM | Guotai Wang
RE: Import question
Hi, Li:
     I have recently downloaded the spharm-mat as the package "SPHARM-MAT-v1-0-0-win-matlab2008b", everything goes well. However, when I do the "Exercise 3.1 Surface Meshes (CALD)", I cann't find the data folder which is need in the exercise. How can I get these datas ?
Thanks  for your help!
Sep 26, 2012  05:09 AM | Guotai Wang
RE: Import question
I have addressed this problem. thanks