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Jul 25, 2011  09:07 PM | David Kennedy
No-Strings attached...
So, you want your data with no strings attached?  Then the Skitz_Bull_2008 V1.0 is for you! we happily provide the MRI imaging data with (relatively) no strings.  You don't hve to be a NIRC member, you do not need to provide us your username and email, and you do not have to acknowledge the license that this data is distributed under (Creative Commons: Attribute).  There is a string, of course, even though we do not make you acknowledge the licence, that IS the license this data is distributed under, and you are obbligated to it's terms, like it or not.  But, this V1.0 release is as close to no strings attached as possible.

Version 1.1 includes the CMA 'general' segmentation, and it does have some strings, although we hope that these are minimal and not overly burdensome.  You do have to provide a email address (and we use the NITRC User registration as a proxy for emil authentication), and you are asked to 'click through' an acknowledgement of the license.  Hey, you are held liable to the licence anyway, so what's a click of acknowledgement and a little physical reminder of the terms. Why the email address, you ask? We HOPE that the data we are providing is perfect, and free of any errors or misrepresentations.  On the other hand, experience has taught us that even with the best of intentions, some error may be present.  We will correct any error, and re-release a new version of the data.  WE feel obligated, as the data reflect our reputation as well, that we attempt to inform all prior users of the data of any errors and corrections that were necessitated. It's your reputation as a user and our reputation as a provider that we're trying to protect.  We think that's worth an email address.  (Plus, NITRC is a great organization to belong to, but perhaps we're biased...)