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Oct 27, 2011  11:10 AM | Christian Haselgrove
Declaring a copyright holder
I did some work for an organization, and I'd like to give that organization control of the work.  Can I transfer the copyright to a third party?  How?  Is this something that is routinely done?
Oct 30, 2011  03:10 PM | Yaroslav Halchenko
RE: Declaring a copyright holder
IANAL but if you are the solely copyright holder (e.g. not your institution ;-) ) you can just give ownership to your code to anyone, but usually it seems to require a document stating it in writing: e.g. look how contributors agreements are done etc. quick google led me to  which seems to be a sensible description.

why do you care though?  do they want you to transfer the rights to them?  even if you own the copyright, they have control of the code (besides re-licensing it under an incompatible license)
Nov 4, 2011  10:11 AM | Christian Haselgrove
RE: Declaring a copyright holder
Thanks.  I was a bit confused by institutional copyrights that you see floating around now and then, but, that link clears things up a bit.  I'm sure if a situation calls for an institutional copyright (which my case doesn't), it would be clear.