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Nov 1, 2011  12:11 AM | cirong liu
The purpose of deoblique
In the scripts, there is  a line for deoblique:
3drefit -deoblique ****
The document of the AFNI told me this command only replace transformation matrix but DOES NOT deoblique the volume. Thus, what the purpose of deoblique? Does it ok if I delete this line from the scripts?
Nov 1, 2011  06:11 AM | Maarten Mennes
RE: The purpose of deoblique
Hi cirong,

the purpose of the 3drefit -deoblique step it to remove the oblique information from the image header. Some afni commands will not work on a presumed oblique dataset. Given that we most of the time want to look at images in standard space, proper alignment will happen in the registration step (even for oblique images).

So, I would keep the step :)

Nov 27, 2011  07:11 PM | cirong liu
RE: The purpose of deoblique
Thanks. I got it