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Jan 26, 2012  10:01 AM | Torsten Rohlfing - Google LLC
registration dofs parameters
On 01/26/2012 10:21 AM, Yaroslav Halchenko wrote:

Thanks!  quick question

cmtk registration -v --dofs 6 --dofs 9 -e 8 -a 0.1 -o affine.xform
${REF_HDR} sri24/spgr.nii

double --dofs - what effect that would have and how it is different from
using --dofs-final for the 2nd one?

--dofs 6 --dofs 9

is the same as --dofs 6,9

and means - at each resolution, optimize 6 dofs (rigid), then 9 (rigid plus anisotropic scale).

--dofs-final is similar but refers to the final resolution level (i.e., original image resolution).

This is useful if you want higher numbers of DOFs only at finest resolution:

--dofs 6,9 --dofs-final 6,9,12

or similar.