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Apr 13, 2012  12:04 PM | Michael Milham
Data Correction for AnnArbor_A & AnnArbor_B

Dear FCP/INDI Users,


We are writing to announce a correction to the University of Michigan Ann Arbor files (AnnArbor_a, AnnArbor_b) in the FCP Classic Collection. In response to a user inquiry regarding a TR of 1 sec. being specified for both Ann Arbor datasets, we verified the scan parameters with the principal investigators for the site. We regret to inform you this TR was incorrect. The Ann Arbor dataset includes resting state data from 2 different sequences. The correct TR for AnnArbor_a is 2 sec., and for AnnArbor_b is 0.75 sec. We have updated the image headers, the releases and the release table accordingly.


We apologize for not having detected this earlier, and are appreciative to those who inquired. As you may have noticed, for datasets contributed in more recent years, we have adopted the practice of obtaining either direct dumps of the scan parameters from the MRI for contributed data, or distribution of DICOM files. We believe these measures will help to protect against such errors in the future.



The INDI team