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Jul 23, 2012  12:07 PM | Alexis Machado
qsub mode problem
I am trying to lauch a niak pileline on anatomical and fmri data

We want to use the pipeline in qsub mode therefore i put in the matlab path psom_gb_var. m with

gb_psom_command_matlab = '/export01/local/matlab10a/bin/matlab';
gb_psom_qsub_options = '-r y -q grova.q';
gb_psom_shell_options = 'source /data/aces/aces1/pbellec/public/niak-';
gb_psom_mode = 'qsub';
gb_psom_mode_pm = 'batch';
gb_psom_max_queued = 20;
gb_psom_init_matlab = '';

When i tried to run my pipeline
I got a repetition of messages  :
I could not find any log file. This pipeline has not been started (yet?). Press CTRL-C to cancel.

it is working on session mode !

Do you have any idea of the issue

Best regards
Jul 23, 2012  01:07 PM | Alexis Machado
RE: qsub mode problem
I forgot to mention that i use addpath(genpath('/data/aces/aces1/pbellec/public/niak-'));
Aug 27, 2012  09:08 AM | Kevin Casey
RE: qsub mode problem
I have the same issue, and would love guidance. It may have to do with the batch queue at the BIC only running jobs after working hours.