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Feb 13, 2013  09:02 AM | Lijun Zhang
ABIDE sites question
Hi, thanks for sharing ABIDE data.

I download ABIDE data from loni, and want to link the subject ID back to site (scan location, e.g Caltech) to get the scan parameters, such like TR, TE, slice order, anyone can tell me how to link these data from LONI back to site, e.g. which site subject 50002 belongs to?

Thanks for  your help.
Feb 13, 2013  10:02 AM | Maarten Mennes
RE: ABIDE sites question
Hi Lijun,

I'm not sure whether they store the phenotypic information also in LONI, but you can alwyas revert back to the phenotypic file (and key) on the original ABIDE page.

See under 'Downloads' for the 'Composite phenotypic file'  (

This file also includes site identifiers.

Dec 18, 2017  06:12 PM | xu bingqing
RE: ABIDE sites question
have you download the datasets? I want to get the datasets too,can you help me?