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Apr 12, 2013  04:04 PM | Andrew Krause
Hi everyone,

I posted this on the open-discussion forum, but didn't know if it would make more sense here. I wanted to provide one of the scans from the Beijing Enhanced dataset as a guided example for using our piece of software (BrainSuite). I saw that they're released under Creative Commons Attributution-NonCommercial, but I didn't see any details about which particular CC license version it is, nor how you wish to be attributed. In particular, I wanted to use one of the anatomical scans, one of the diffusion NIfTIs, and the associated bvec and bval files.

Aug 7, 2013  08:08 AM | Maarten Mennes
RE: Citation
Hi Andrew, 

apologies for the slow response. Excellent that you are using the data for your tutorial.

When using the data it suffices to refer to data using the following details (more can be included at will, but these need to be present):

- the specific release: Beijing Enhanced
- the source: The International Neuroimaging Datasharing Initiative (INDI) at