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May 13, 2008  09:05 PM | Daniel Marcus
Hi all,

I thought I'd put in a plug for Brainscape ( It's a website put together by the Neuroinformatics Research Group and Neuroimaging Laboratories at Washington Univeristy. It's focused on resting state fMRI data and analysis. It includes a database of public and private data sets and and an online seed-region based correlation analysis engine. You can upload your own data and run it through preprocessing and analysis. You can optionally share your data with select colleagues or to everyone. The site currently includes a couple of public access data sets (Fox 2007 Neuron; Fox 2005 PNAS) and more are being uploaded as we speak.

The site is in beta now, so we'd love to get your comments. And your data. Feel free to submit data, in public or private mode.

The NITRC page for brainscape (a bit sparse right now) is here:

Dan Marcus

Aug 20, 2008  12:08 PM | David Kennedy
RE: Brainscape
Brainscape is now NITRC-Listed at