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Jun 5, 2013  04:06 PM | Alexis Machado

in a study, I got a lot of extended deactivated areas and i try to understand the origin of this

Does he default NIAK preprocess pipeline normalize the time series fmri data:

If yes is it ?
-global scaling 
-global mean scaling

if you know i same question for fmristat package

best regards
Jun 5, 2013  05:06 PM | Pierre Bellec
RE: normalization
Hi Alexis,

There is no normalization applied in the preprocessing pipeline, by default. I don't actually think there is an option to normalize time series in there. Some other pipelines (yet-to-be released) such as the FIR pipeline or the GLM-connectome pipelines do normalize the time series, but it is not done at the level of the preprocessing.