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Sep 10, 2013  11:09 AM | Myelin MRI
I am having trouble with SPECTRE2010. It is taking infinitely long and the progress bar shows the completion level is still 0%. I am wondering if I am missing something very basic, like the data class or something like that. Thanks.
Sep 10, 2013  02:09 PM | Andrew Plassard
Hi there,

We recently made a major system upgrade, and it is possible there are some bugs as a result of that.  Could you please provide me with a little more information so that I can help you better?

First, are you using the most recent version of JIST?  We recently released JIST 3.0.  If you are not using JIST 3.0, please install that and let us know if the problem persists.

Second, which MIPAV version are you using?  JIST 3.0 works with the current version of MIPAV (7.0.1).  If you aren't using 7.0.1, please update to that as well.

Third, if neither of these things solve your issue, please send me an example image that you are using SPECTRE2010 with so that I can test it here.
Sep 11, 2013  07:09 AM | Myelin MRI
I was using MIPAV 5.4.2 with JIST2.0. Let me install  the upgraded version and  run it again.
Thanks for the advice...
Sep 11, 2013  07:09 AM | Bennett Landman
If your data are not working with 2.0, then it's unlikely to have been fixed in 3.0 - we fixed infrastructure level performance issues and bugs, not algorithm ones...

Please contact the authors at JHU:

Or file a help ticket in the CRUISE nitric project.

Dec 4, 2015  04:12 PM | Aaron Carass - The Johns Hopkins University
Also MIPAV 5.4.2 is old (March or April 2012). JIST 2.0 is not much better.