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Sep 12, 2013  08:09 PM | Ryan Hampton
Eyes-closed imaging sets
I am trying to get a comparative group for a resting-state study from the FCP database but the other group was scanned with eyes closed which is fairly uncommon in resting-state imaging studies.  Rather than emailing the researchers for each data set individually to ask I thought I would post here to see if anyone knows if any of the data sets were scanned with participants having their eyes closed.  Any help is appreciated.
Sep 12, 2013  09:09 PM | Daniel Lurie
RE: Eyes-closed imaging sets
Hey Ryan,

Have you looked at the Beijing Eyes-Open/Eyes-Closed data set?

Sep 12, 2013  10:09 PM | Ryan Hampton
RE: Eyes-closed imaging sets
It actually just so happens that I need this group to be from a Western culture such as America or some other Western European country.
Sep 16, 2013  03:09 PM | Maarten Mennes
RE: Eyes-closed imaging sets
Hello Ryan,

the release table under docs ( has information about the eyes status of the FCP datasets.

Sep 16, 2013  11:09 PM | Ryan Hampton
RE: Eyes-closed imaging sets
Aha!  I knew there had to be a spreadsheet like this somewhere!  Thank you so much for this reference!