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Dec 12, 2013  02:12 PM | Norman Scheel
NKI/Rockland Sample Physiological Data
Hi all :)

When I calculate the duration of the recordings, physiologic signals are always some ms longer, but not constantly the same. How do I know how fMRI and physiological signals are aligned? 

For example, for one sample I get the following:
120 Volumes * 2500 ms/Volume = 300000 ms
Physiological Data:
19004 samples * 16 ms/sample = 304064 ms

Or is it just that timepoint zero is the same for both signals, just that physiological recording had to be stopped manualy and therefore is a little longer?

Thanks in advance :)

Dec 12, 2013  09:12 PM | Daniel Lurie
RE: NKI/Rockland Sample Physiological Data
Hi Norman,

You're absolutely correct. The recordings are triggered with the collection of the first scan, and manually stopped some (hopefully brief) time after the end of MRI data collection for that run.\

Let us know if you have any more questions,

Dec 13, 2013  10:12 AM | Norman Scheel
RE: NKI/Rockland Sample Physiological Data
Hi Dan,

thank you so much for your fast reply :)
and thanks for sharing !!! 

have nice holidays!