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Apr 1, 2014  09:04 PM | Kelsey Yang
Subjects' education info
I'm trying to build a comparison group that matches subjects' gender, approximate age, handedness, and years of education. So far, I'm having trouble finding data sets that include years of education. Does anyone know of any data sets that include education or the best way to go about finding this info?

Thank you!
Apr 2, 2014  02:04 PM | Daniel Lurie
RE: Subjects' education info
Hey Kelsey,

Our NKI-RS Enhanced data set includes information about education, as well as a large number of other behavioral and demographic measures. More information can be found here:

Apr 3, 2014  07:04 PM | Kelsey Yang
RE: Subjects' education info
Hi Dan,
Thanks so much for the quick reply. I visited the link you provided but am a little confused. When you say "enhanced" data set does that refer to the NKI-RS Full Phenotypic data set in which I would need to go through the steps for requesting data access? Or can I get education info from an NKI-RS Lite release? 

Also, from the link you gave me, when I click on NKI-RS Lite releases and click on one of the release links to download phenotypic information, it brings me to a page that says FCP/INDI Private Site, "you have not chosen a tool/resource, or you have chosen a private tool/resource that you do not have permission to access". If NKI-RS Lite does include education info, how can I get permission to access it?