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May 24, 2014  07:05 AM | xiufen zhang
in the script it says
3dresample -orient RPI -inset ${anat}.nii.gz -prefix ${anat}_RPI.nii.gz,and this is for Reorient to fsl-friendly space.
however in the fcon_1000_Preprocessing.pdf it says
1. All datasets were oriented to RPI.
My question is why we do orient again?
how can we know the orient of a data?
May 30, 2014  08:05 AM | Maarten Mennes
RE: 3dresample--RPI

yes, all released data has been reoriented to RPI. Reorienting it again as per the script will not change anything. The script has the reorienting step so it will also work on data that was not downloaded through INDI or the fcon1000 (i.e., data you collected locally).

You can check the orientation with 3dinfo of fslhd or by opening it in fslview and checking the labels. However, I suggest to always check with your local MR physicist what orientation the data is in when it comes out of the scanner.