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Sep 6, 2014  04:09 PM | wang yuhan
executing NFB_MOTOR example
excuse me! I have some question to ask. I try to downloads MotorData in this website. The input paratemeter :MNI Template and MNI mask should have MNI152_T1_1mm_brain.nii.gz and hmat_spm_PM.nii.gz files. How can i get the two files?? 
Thanks for your help!!

Sep 21, 2014  03:09 PM | Neuroinformatics Support
RE: executing NFB_MOTOR example
Dear Yuhan

Many thanks for pointing this out. Please download the MotorData.rar file (Release Data 00002). It now contains the hmat_spm_PM.nii.gz file that can be used as MNI mask.

The MNI template file that is required to process the Motor study can be obtained from the "standard" sub-diretory of the FRIEND root directory. Two suggestions are: MNI152lin_T1_1mm.nii.gz (T1 template with extracerebral tissue) and MNI152_T1_1mm.nii.gz (without extracerebral tissue).

DepressionData.rar from this release now contains 2 subjects. NeurofeedbackData.rar is the same as Release Data 00001.

Don't hesitate to write if you have any doubts

Best regards
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