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Sep 24, 2014  05:09 PM | Tanveer Talukdar
labeling randomly parcellated brain
Hi, I am trying to use the function for a brain that has been parcellated randomly using the Spatially Constrained Parcellation Toolbox. (I did use the sample data set available in the website). In the sample command below, what do the numeric values respresent?

python tcorr05_2level_all.nii.gz \
tcorr05_2level '50,100,150,200'

Also, after running the function on the randomly generated brain using the command:

> python rm_ones_cluster_100.nii.gz rm_ones_cluster_100 '100'

I get the following error:
../ called with rm_ones_cluster_100.nii.gz, rm_ones_cluster_100, 100
Read in the parcellation results rm_ones_cluster_100.nii.gz
(47, 56, 46)
Traceback (most recent call last):
File "../", line 226, in
File "../", line 184, in main
if len(parcel_vals) != np.shape(parcels_img)[3]:
IndexError: tuple index out of range

Any help would be appreciated.