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Oct 30, 2014  08:10 AM | Bastian Cheng
White Matter Atlas

First of all: what a great tool! I've been looking for an intuitive visualization program for a long time.

One questions: Are the overlays from a standard white matter tractography atlas available?

I found them in the connectivity explorer by denis ducreux and was wondering if one could use them in this software.

My aim would be to compare own tracking results to locations of white matter tracts.

best regards,
Nov 22, 2014  04:11 AM | Chris Rorden
RE: White Matter Atlas
Thanks for your comments. I think you have a couple of options for white matter tracts

Connectopedia is a fantastic tool from Denis Ducreux that uses the MRIcroGL engine for rendering. You can use it on its own or use the images with other tools. You can use the images within Connectopedia or with other tools (as I recall, with OSX you have to 'show package contents' to see the images). These are high quality maps from a single individual:

Marco Catani and his team have created some nice probabilistic white matter maps based on a group of indiviuals.
Nov 22, 2014  07:11 AM | Bastian Cheng
RE: White Matter Atlas
Hi Chris! Those are excellent suggestions! Thank you again for your help!