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Nov 24, 2014  12:11 AM | wang yuhan
Source code provide?
Sorry for Disturbing again.
My master's thesis need SVM procedure, start from raw data, parameter setting , training, estimating.  I need  the code as a reference and transform in MATLAB.
If it is possible, could you provide code or part of code for me?

Nov 27, 2014  10:11 AM | Neuroinformatics Support
RE: Source code provide?
Dear Wang,

We truly appreciate your interest in our software.

You can download the code from
The files are:
svmfuncs.cpp: contains the functions that transform a volume to a vector that will be used on the prediction or on the classification phase.
svmobj.cpp: transforms the svm-train and svm-predict commands ( in methods of a object for utilization within the libBrainDecoding plugin in FRIEND.

However, to save your time and avoid programming effort, we recommend using the Matlab and Octave interface that according to  the website ( is already included in the libSVM package.

Best regards