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Dec 10, 2014  07:12 PM | Sohae Chung
need more help
As Martin suggested, I downloaded Slicer 4.3.1 for mac and added Shape Analysis Module directly from extension option. I run the tutorial datasets (4data) and still got errors.
Anyone can tell me what it is? Thanks!

Found CommandLine Module, target is /Users/macpro/Documents/Program/3DSlicer/Slicer4.3.1/
ModuleType: CommandLineModule
Shape Analysis Module command line:
/Users/macpro/Documents/Program/3DSlicer/Slicer4.3.1/ --RescaleSegPostProcess --sx 0.5 --sy 0.5 --sz 0.5 --label 1 --NumberofIterations 10 --SubdivLevelValue 10 --SPHARMDegreeValue 15 --thetaIterationValue 100 --phiIterationValue 100 --columVolumeFile 0 --varX 10 --varY 10 --varZ 10 --regTemplate None --flipTemplate None --paraOutTemplate --noFlip --HorizontalGridPara 5 --VerticalGridPara 5 --UseProcalign --startRegularization 10 --endRegularization 0.01 --optimizationIt 200 --RelativeWeight 1 /Users/macpro/Documents/Program/3DSlicer/ShapeAnalysisModule_TutorialData/InputFile_ShapeAnalaysis_4data.csv /Users/macpro/Documents/Program/3DSlicer/ShapeAnalysisModule_TutorialData/results
Shape Analysis Module standard output:
------ Shape Analysis Module start -----
Computing ShapeAnalysisModule...
ERROR: In /Users/kitware/Dashboards/Package/Slicer-431/Base/QTCLI/vtkSlicerCLIModuleLogic.cxx, line 2042
vtkSlicerCLIModuleLogic (0x13a83c070): Shape Analysis Module terminated with a fault.
Dec 10, 2014  07:12 PM | Beatriz Paniagua
RE: need more help
Hi Sohae,

Could you please tell us what is written in the InputFile_ShapeAnalaysis_4data.csv? Attaching it to a post in this forum will be also ok.
Thank you!

Dec 10, 2014  07:12 PM | Sohae Chung
RE: need more help
Hello Beatriz,

Here is a input file which I downloaded from this website.